Daily Schedule



7:30am        -  Arrival and Health Assessment

8:30am        -  Breakfast 

9:00am        -  Sleep  (Please click here for Safe Infant Sleep)

9:30am        -  Morning Snack and Milk Feed 

9:45am        -  Play time

10:45am      -  Outdoor Activities (weather permitting)

11:45am      -  Wash-up for lunch

12:00nn       -  Lunch and Milk Feed

1:00pm        -  Play time

1:15pm        -  Sleep (tummy time for 15mins. after sleeping)

3:00pm        -  Afternoon Snack and Milk Feed

3:30pm        -  Story time

4:30pm        -  Free Play - indoor or outdoor (weather permitting)

5:30pm        -  Learning through play  

6:00pm        -  Bye bye time


7:30am        -   Arrival and Health Assessment

8:30am        -   Breakfast

9:00am        -   Circle Time (Songs, Calendar, Weather, Sharing Stories, etc.)

9:30am        -   Morning Snack

9:45am        -   School Skills Activities (Reading, Writing, Art, Math and Science)

10:45am      -   Outdoor Activities (weather permitting)

11:45am      -   Wash-up for lunch

12:00nn       -   Lunch

1:00pm        -   Free Choice Activities

1:15pm        -   Quiet Time / Rest Time

3:00pm        -   Afternoon Snack

3:30pm        -   Story Time

4:30pm        -   Free Play (Indoor or Outdoor) weather permitting

5:30pm        -   Learning through Play (Dramatic Play,  Blocks, Puzzles, Games, Music and Movement)

6:00pm        -   Bye-Bye time