About Us

 Banzon Family Child Care is a permitted provider from Fairfax County Office For Children,  that complies with all regulations and standards. These standards relate  to our home, our family as a provider, health, safety procedures,  nutrition, number of child in care and record keeping. We believe that  these procedures are in the best interest of your child. Our home is  subject to inspection by Fairfax County, Office for Children for Safety  Health and The Fire Department for Fire Safety. 



To  provide a secure, nurturing and educational environment for children.  Banzon Family Child Care wants all children to have the opportunity to  grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually playing,  exploring and learning in fun, safe and healthy environment.


Trainings and Certifications

  • ​CPR, AED and First Aid Certified by American Safety and Health Institute
  • Medication Administration Training (MAT) certified by Virginia Department of Social Services
  • Participates in Professional Development and Training in Early Child Care and Education under Fairfax County Office for Children

                      *Infant Nutrition

                      *SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome

                      *School Age Development

                      *Keeping Children Healthy

                      *It's All About the Book

                      *The Music and Movement Connection

                      *Connecting Early Literacy to Health-

                        Healthy Growing Bodies and Able Young Readers

                      *Let's Try It Out

                      *A Moving Child is a Learning Child: How Movement

                        Prepares the Brain to Think

                      *Providing Emotional Support for Young Children

                      *Building a Mind Body Connection

                           1) Building Essential Life Skills Through Children's


                           2) Giving Children a Nature Start: Add Nature to   

                               the Curriculum

                      *Supporting Multi-Language Family Engagement

                           1)Successful Strategies to Engage English    

                              Language Learning Families in Early Childhood